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Single Projects is a Markateplace Where you can Buy Premium projects like Ecommerce store, Websites, domain, Logs and other Projects at Very Affordable Price. Single Projects is a marketplace For Entrepreneurs like you Who Would Love to kick start there Projects in ease.

Here are Most Frequently Ask Questions By our Entrepreneurs.

Single projects is Premium yet Simple Marketplace where you can Buy Projects like Website, eCommerce store, Logo or Domain in every affordable Price.

Starter Established Sites are those which is established and approved by Customers To buy product or Service From Store or Website. Its more than A Starter site as in starter site everything is Newly launch and which means there is no revenue, no traffic. Basically is Turnkey sites

You Can Directly buy Using BIN or Buy it Now Option or You can Contact Seller Directly, Negotiate Best price and simple Now projects is Yours 🙂

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You can Simply end this Deal using Buy it now Option or Contact Seller Directly, You can also Negotiate The Price and you can close deal Quickly.

After Project is Successfully sold, Ownership Details will be Send Immediately to Buyers within 24 hours.

Not able to Find Store or site That your Looking for? No problem! Just Contact Us using this – link and We will Find best Store For you and also we will allocate one Developer and Creator for your assist.  

Nope! There are not any hidden Fees Included in this Site to Buy any Projects of ours, However there is 2% Processing Fees by  Paypal.

Its very simple 🙂 On listing page there is Direct Contact Form and you can Contact Seller directly from there.

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